How To Protect Your Bike From Theft In India?

A third-party insurance policy is now required under the motor vehicles act for all two-wheelers, and this is a good idea as two-wheelers are much more likely to be involved in accidents than other types of vehicles.

However, it is advised to purchase a thorough bike insurance online coverage if you want total protection for your bike as well. It offers coverage for events like personal injury, theft, third-party liability, and many more and safeguards your automobiles from natural and man-made disasters. Spending money on a thorough motor insurance policy is unquestionably worthwhile when you realise how often accidents and thefts involve two-wheelers.

Thefts Of Two-Wheelers Are More Frequent Than You May Imagine.

  • Lock your steering lock to prevent bike theft

While you could counter that steering locks are simple to bypass, locking it is the first step in locking your bike. Separate ignition and steering locks on your bike are advantageous since they require the burglar to break through two locks in order to steal your two-wheeler.

  • Fix your bike to a substantial object

It is also possible to transport a two-wheeler with numerous locks in a truck. It is advised to add a cable to your bike and anchor it to something substantial in order to increase its security. By doing this, your bikes won’t be dragged away. If there isn’t anything substantial nearby, try fastening it to a bike nearby and leaving your phone number in case the other person wants to move his bike.

  • Use multiple locks

Always use an additional lock in addition to the one or two that come with your bike. Although thieves are frequently taught how to bypass the built-in locks on motorcycles, they are probably unprepared to deal with various kinds of external locks.

  • Your bike should be left in a well-lit area

Always choose a busy, well-lit area to leave your bike. The last thing a robber would want is for a CCTV camera positioned nearby to reveal his face.

How Two-Wheel Insurance Protects You from Theft

A comprehensive bike insurance online policy would prevent this. You are guarded against auto theft with a comprehensive insurance policy. In other words, if your car is stolen, the insurance provider will pay you based on the car’s IDV.

You must first file an FIR at the local police station in order to make a bike insurance claim against vehicle theft. You must then provide a copy of the FIR together with other required policy documentation in order to receive payment.

As two-wheeler security systems develop better today, thieves are increasingly craftier, and your car is constantly at risk of being stolen because of this. While being vigilant and taking precautions are essential for the protection of your car, you also need a Two wheeler insurance policy to protect you against theft. This is especially important considering how many expensive motorcycles people own today and the risk involved in a theft.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.